UPAGO allows fans to determine what they would pay to go to a specific experience, all while raising money for good causes!


What is a UPAGO Blitz?

A UPAGO Blitz is an online event that allows you the opportunity to make an offer towards attending the experience listed. Key things to know about a BLITZ:

  • They happen at a specific date and time, so you should register ahead of time.

  • They don’t last long…maybe even as short as 5 minutes.

  • There are a limited number of tickets, so early offers have a better chance of being accepted.

Through the UPAGO Blitz, YOU, the Fan, have the power to determine the value of an experience.

How TO participate

It is SO EASY! There is nothing to download or join. When you see the promotion for the Blitz, simply click the LINK and then the REGISTER button. Enter your phone number, and you are IN!!! Once the Blitz is active, you simply enter your offer. You can see how your offer fares against others and can change it anytime before the end of the Blitz.

Once registered, you will receive a reminder
Enter your offer!
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bandsintown partnership

We are thrilled to be in a partnership with Bandsintown! Be sure to download their app and be on the lookout for a Blitz happening near you!

Bandsintown for Android

Bandsintown for Apple


Giving Back


Giving back is at the core of who we are, and why we do what we do. To that end, we donate a portion of our income to MusiCares, a non-profit dedicated to providing a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need.

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